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Insurance can help ensure you’re financially protected in case of an accident, illness, unforeseen occurrence, or unavoidable event. If you are concerned about your financial situation and want protection against the worst, insurance can help address your concerns and bring you and your loved one’s peace of mind during difficult times. Our advisors at The Templeton Group of Cornerstone Financial Management can help you understand and decide between the many different insurance options you have to protect your family and your assets.

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Disability Insurance

A sudden illness or injury can cause serious financial distress for you and your family. Disability income insurance can assist you during your time of need by providing you with benefit payments aimed at allowing you to maintain your standard of living. In the event you find yourself disabled and unable to work, disability income insurance can help ensure continued financial security.

Long-Term Care Insurance

When the time comes to consider a long-term care plan, your loved ones will be grateful to know that you have a long-term care insurance package that can cover expenses including domestic health care, assisted living and nursing homes, adult day care facilities, and more. Rather than draining your retirement savings to pay your health care costs, you can choose a long-term care insurance policy that will help cover those expenses.

Life Insurance

If the worst were to happen, a life insurance plan can help your family meet their financial needs and provide peace of mind. Not all plans are created equal, however. Our advisors can help you understand what life insurance policy would be right for you by accounting for your current financial situation, your future outlook, your dependents, and more.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap)

Medicare Supplemental Insurance, or Medigap, can help cover healthcare costs which your current Medicare insurance does not cover. While Medicare can cover a wide array of expenses, it often does not cover the full cost of health care. Medicare supplemental insurance can be a useful tool to help fill these gaps in Medicare coverage.

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Insurance is an important and useful way to help address risk. But finding the right insurance plans for you can be a confusing process without proper guidance. Contact our financial advisors at The Templeton Group in Columbia, SC, today to schedule an appointment and discuss your insurance options.

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