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Portfolio management involves strategy, commitment, and an understanding of your personal needs and goals. Every person is different, and every investment strategy should be as well. Investment management services from The Templeton Group at Cornerstone Financial Management can help you figure out a strategy that aligns with your goals and risk preferences. Get in touch today to request a consultation.

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Understanding Your Goals

Successful investment involves understanding your personal goals and balancing those goals with the level of risk you’re willing to accept. No matter what risk level you’re comfortable with, our investment strategists can help you prioritize your financial goals and implement a strategy to build and maintain a portfolio that reflects your vision.


Even though it is one of the simplest and most common concepts in investing, diversification is an incredibly powerful tool to help moderate risk and stabilize against volatility. We can help you devise a plan to diversify your holdings across a wide array of securities, helping you to mitigate risk based on your preferences.


While a strong start with a clear goal is always beneficial, an effective investment strategy should appreciate and respond appropriately to market changes. After preparing an investment plan, we can work with you to monitor fluctuations in the market and rebalance your portfolio to realign with your preferences accordingly.

Customization & Tax Efficiency

Every investor is different, so every investment strategy must also be different. No matter what your financial position and risk profile might be, we can help devise an investment strategy that fits your style and priorities. Whether you would like to limit risk or are willing to accept greater risk for the potential of greater reward, we can help you allocate your assets in a manner fitting your risk profile by considering multiple avenues for investing—including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more.

We can also help you to understand the potential tax implications of your investments and structure your portfolio to help reduce your tax burden.

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Investing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact The Templeton Group at Cornerstone Financial Management in Columbia, SC to consult with our financial planners and find out how we can help you make investments to pursue your financial goals.

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